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Craig Pruess is a versatile American composer, musician, arranger and gold & platinum record producer who has been living in Britain since 1973. His career has covered diverse areas including:record production and arranging for international stars such as Sir Cliff Richard, Anu Malik, Sheila Walsh (Grammy nominated album: "War of Love")feature film soundtrack music ("It's a Wonderful Afterlife", "Bride & Prejudice", "Bend It Like Beckham", "The Mistress of Spices", "What's Cooking?", "Bhaji on the Beach"); world music producing, performing (sitar, keyboards and African percussion) and arranging for international acts such as Massive Attack, Katie Melua, Manic Street Preachers, Def Leppard and Bond; television music ("Peak Practice", "Five Days II" and "Moses Jones" (BAFTA and RTS nominated Best Original Music Score), and also arranging, sitar and sound design work (for such well known composers as Danny Elfman, Gabriel Yared, Patrick Doyle, Carl Davis, John Altman, Rachel Portman, and George Fenton); television and film advertising/corporate music (over 300 commercials to date); lecturing and teaching; concert performing (solo and with his own ensembles, Ganda Boys andAt-Ma, but also with Mike Oldfield for the world premiere of "Tubular Bells II", Sept 92, at the Edinburgh Castle); sound engineeringsynthesiser and computer music programmingsound design and music technology innovations.

Craig has composed the original music score for both of Gurinder's Chadha's number one UK box office smash hit films, "Bend It Like Beckham" (top ten in the USA box office, number 1 in India), and "Bride & Prejudice". Besides scoring original music for her new 2010 film, "It's a Wonderful Afterlife", Craig has also scored the music for Gurinder's previous films, "Bhaji on the Beach" (1993) and "What's Cooking?" — which opened the big US Sundance Film Festival, Jan. 2000 and was released throughout the USA in October, 2000, to critical acclaim (UK release was Sept, 2001). The feature film, "Bride and Prejudice", stars the big names of Aishwayra Rai, Anupam Kher and Martin Henderson, released by Miramax (USA) and Pathe (Europe) in October 2003, and again was number one in the UK, India and South Africa, settling for number 15 for 3 weeks in the USA. Aishwayra Rai also features in Craig's 2006 colourful world fusion music film score project, "The Mistress of Spices", directed by Paul Berges, which was released in the UK and India (number one in India) early 2006, now available on DVD. The music soundtrack is a rich example of Craig's skills in combining Indian music seamlessly into the idiom of a Western feature film soundtrack.

BBC-TV prime time drama series, "Moses Jones", is a hard-hitting, atmospheric and contemporary thriller set in an African immigrant community in London. Aired during February 2009, Craig scored all the original music featured in each of the 3 one hour episodes in the series, including assembling an impressive 10 piece African band for four different songs featured in the action and ambience of the Afrigo Club, a central location of the filming. The London Metro newspaper wrote that the music surely has to be the sountrack of the year. Directed by Michael Offer and produced by Cameron Roach, who won the International EMMY Award for "Life on Mars" in 2009. During the filming of the series, Craig met Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde (formerly of Ugandan chart rgroup, DaTwinz), and they decided to form their own band, the Ganda Boys, which continues to go from strength to strength, starting with a major London concert show (14 piece band) performed at the Almeida Theatre, North London, in 2009 and a dynamic first album completed, "The War of Love". Successful concerts at the huge World Culture Festival at the Olpymic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, July 2011, soon followed, including a performance at the House of Commons and Alexandra Palace during Oct 2011.Their second album , "Africa", was completed in June 2012, with massive airplay continuiing on the national airwaves of Uganda. A service organisation , the Ganda Foundation, was been formed in 2009 for the charity workin Uganda by the group and their supporters.

"Five Days", another highly successful prime time BBC-TV 1 drama series, feaatured an intricate and complex music score by Craig. Aired during March 2010, it garnered 7.4 million viewers in the UK. Craig, once again, created and recorded the music score at his own Heaven on Earth Music Studios in the UK, which features Glastonbury harpist, John Dalton. All other instruments played by Craig.

TURNER PRIZE exhibition soundtrack by Craig for Zarina Bhimji's film, "Waiting", installed in surround sound at the Tate Liverpool gallery during October 2007 for a month: Craig has composed the music for both of Zarina's award winning installation art films, "Out of Blue" (2003) and "Waiting" (2007). When Zarina became nominated for the Turner Prize (one of Europe's most prestigious art awards) in 2007, Craig subsequently created the delicate and abstract music score for her exhibition piece for the occasion. "Yellow Patch" is the latest art installation film of the same collaboration, which opened at the Whitechapel Gallery in November 2011, and is featured in a number of high profile museum exhibitions around the world.

Completed and delivered during July 2006: a 90 minute Discovery Channel docu-drama "Gold Diggers - The Biggest Bank Robbery in History". An edgy, fast paced expose of 2006's huge bank robbery in Fortelesa, Brazil, directed by British director James Erskine. Featuring energetic Brazilian rhythms and tribal percussion layers, as a collaboration with UK world musician, Ravi, along with a filmic, hard-hitting music score, the programme itself has become part of the police investigation in Brazil.

As a SONGWRITER, Craig has composed the Christmas No. 1 UK chart single (Dec 1999/Jan 2000), one of the double A sides ("Two Worlds"), part of Sir Cliff Richard's chart hit, "Millennium Prayer" (sales over one million). Craig has seen over five of his songs feature in the UK record charts over the years.

As a high profile TV composer: Craig was nominated (Nov 1999) to be the composer for one of the most successful independent television drama series in British history, "Peak Practice", completing the last four series (13 epeisodes each) for Carlton Television until its conclusion in 2002. Soundtrack available on Newsound 2000 label.

In 2000, Craig contributed keyboards and sounds for composer John Altman on the US television film, "RKO 281 - the Making of Citizen Kane", which received 13 nominations for the Emmy Awards, winning the Emmy for best music soundtrack for 2000. Craig worked in his home studio with the director of the film, Ben Ross, and John to record and perform the initial music sketches, and then also played keyboards with the orchestra for the final recordings of the soundtrack in London studios.

Craig is represented by Olav and Carolynne Wyper at SMA Talent http://www.smatalent.com

Craig's background: –

Craig began performing and composing from an early age in the competitive environment of Westchester County, New York State, specialising in brass (classical, big band, and jazz), piano, harpsichord, woodwind, and percussion. At the age of twelve, he performed the Haydn Trumpet Concerto in Eb in public and appeared on a prime time American national television show, "To Tell the Truth" with Art Linkletter, where he played drums with jazz artist Barry Miles. Craig started his own successful professional jazz trio at the age of fourteen, The Radical Three - arranging, composing and leading the group playing piano. From the age of sixteen he appeared as featured soloist on trumpet with many orchestras and bands, also featuring in live radio broadcasts in New York City.

He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Massachusetts. Besides his studies in physics, philosophy, media technology, and electronic music, he pursued early work in controlling laser beams with music (1969-71). During his years in Boston, he forged musical partnerships and friendships with undergraduates of Berklee School of Music such as top US session musician Jeff Lorber, and was greatly influenced during this time by the work of up-and-coming masters like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin.

Through his contacts in England and abroad, he was invited to join the staff of the East African Conservatoire of Music in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1971, conducting the National Symphony Orchestra and appeared as the featured soloist in a National Concert of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto in Eb. While recording and studying African music, he also started a popular white soul and rhythm band in Nairobi, appearing on National Television, and setting the Nairobi dance clubs alight, heading the band as a singer, keyboard player, and trumpeter. Returning briefly to the US in 1973 (before aiming for England) to purchase the latest electronic synthesisers of the day, Craig happened to attend a concert at MIT by one of the great Indian music masters, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, which was to have a immense impact on him, and this kindled a long term passion for Indian classical music - both the science of the rhythms and the sublime intricacies of the raga melodies.

Craig was inspired to come to England due to his contacts with EMI Records and other British musicians. He rapidly established himself as a session musician, composer, arranger, and synthesiser programmer while performing concerts around Britain. A solo recording artist and singer, he has released records with EMI Records, SONY Music and Hansa/Ariola Records (UK), Triloka Records (USA), ZYX Records (Germany), Times Music (India) and Aurora International and ERA/EMI (Taiwan).

In 1977, Craig founded his own publishing house, record label and production company called HEAVEN ON EARTH MUSIC. Heaven on Earth Music also licenses master tapes to various international record companies for release worldwide. Craig has always worked with cutting edge technology for recording and sound manipulation, and his recordings from his own studio have featured on CDs and soundtracks around the world. His home recording studio, set in a beautiful area in the West Country near Stroud, Gloucestershire (one and half hours' drive west from Heathrow airport), is equipped with a powerful digital recording set-up, including Focusrite preamps and Apogee convertors. A 6 foot grand piano, specially fitted with MIDI, plus a large collection of stringed instruments, wind instruments and drums and percussion all fill the studio spaces.

As a record producer and songwriter, Craig has seen his records feature in the main UK charts every year between 1981 and 1990, and later in 1995,6,8,9 and 2000/1/2/3/5. Starting when Sir Cliff Richard asked Craig to produce and arrange his recordings, it expanded to chart hits by Sheila Walsh, David Van Day, and solos and keyboard playing on hit records by Joe Cocker, Massive Attack, Def Leppard and Manic Street Preachers. A long and fruitful collaboration over three years (1982 to 1985) with Cliff Richard resulted in numerous gold and platinum records and awards - singles and albums, two film soundtracks, and co-productions from Cliff and Craig for other recording artists.

In 1984, Craig produced, arranged and performed on the Grammy Award nominated album "War of Love" by UK/US gospel singer Sheila Walsh. In 1987, Craig appeared on the popular UK television programme, The Terry Wogan Show, with the late founder-member of The Move, Carl Wayne, performing Craig's arrangement of "Flowers in the Rain" to commemorate the 21st anniversary of BBC Radio One (the very first record to be played on Radio One in 1966). In 1991, Craig composed the music for a top London football club and the Arsenal Football Club's team anthem was played full blast in the 40,000 seater stadium at Highbury during the matches for the whole of their cup-winning season, creating an uplifting Olympic feeling. That season saw a dramatic decrease in the football crowd problems at Arsenal (the original motivation to create an anthem for Arsenal), against the general trend of other UK clubs and the previous year at Highbury. This highlights Craig's keen interest in the effect of sound and music on the collective psyche.

In addition to recording projects and composing for television and film, Craig has fulfilled his interests in Indian music by studying and performing with top Indian musicians, both classical and modern. In 1988, he was appointed the first ever Principal of the Maharishi Gandharva-Ved Music School of Great Britain, a post he held for six years. As UK National Organiser of the "Music for World Peace" project, he taught courses and seminars in Indian classical music, organised national concerts, including national BBC broadcasts to promote this beautiful, ancient and beneficial music - the ragas of the ancient Vedic period. Craig studied the sitar under the guidance of Indrajit Banerjee, sitar maestro from Calcutta, who inspired Craig to perform in public, and to continue to promote this uplifting style of music in his professional field.

Craig has lectured on the scientific and artistic theory of Indian classical music, appearing numerous times playing and speaking on British radio and television. Many of his current solo sitar concerts have this theme - music of the ancient Vedic period to create harmony in the environment. His original sitar CD, "WELCOME HOME" has been released by EMI Records, Taiwan, and Times Music, India, to public acclaim. Collaborating with highly-respected Indian classical maestros such as Ronu Majumdar (Indian bamboo flute), Deepa Nair (Indian vocals), Abhijit Banerjee (tablas) and Rajiv Chakraborty (sarod), Craig has created a beautiful, sensual album for US record label, Triloka Records, called "LANGUAGE OF LOVE" - released worldwide during May 2004. Craig completed Deepa Nair's debut solo album called "INTO THE LIGHT", which features UK maestro cellist, Tony Pleeth. This beautiful album incorporates Indian raga melodies (via Deepa's haunting vocal style) with a universal east/west fusion approach.

He has co-written, and produced a modern, Western popular fusion album, "EYES", (1995) for one of India's most successful Bollywood music directors/film composers, Anu Malik. (Malik has sold in excess of 80 million units in the last 15 years). In 1996, a startlingly original Indian arrangement by Craig for sarangi, tablas and 30 piece string orchestra (conducted by Craig) was featured on a track ("Turn To Dust") on the international top ten chart album by Def Leppard, "Slang", marking one of the few times an internationally famous heavy rock band has successfully integrated authentic, soaring Indian textures, rhythms, and melodies so prominently into their sound. During May, 2002, Craig was asked to conduct his large Bollywood orchestration for the popular female classical cross-over string quartet, Bond. During July, 2002, Massive Attack approached Craig to create and conduct large string orchestrations and arrangements for three tracks for their album, "100th Window", released in January 2003, one track featuring Sinead O'Connor on vocals. The album went straight into number one in the UK charts. In 2004, Craig arranged and conducted string sections for Massive Attack's 2005 film score, "Danny the Dog", starring Morgan Freeman, Jet Lee, and Bob Hoskins.

As a session musician and programmer, he has worked with Madonna, Manic Street Preachers, Katie Melua, Def Leppard, Elton John, Robin Sarstedt, Japan, Gareth Gates, Leo Sayer, Salena Jones, Cutting Crew, Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield, and many others. He is known for session work on the following instruments (although he plays others): piano, trumpet, sitar, percussion, keyboards, synthesisers, as well as programming and creative sound editing. He is a featured sitar performer on the 1999 Manic Street Preachers single, "Tsunami", from their UK chart topping album, "This is my Truth, Tell Me Yours", and on Gareth Gates' number one April 2003 UK chart hit, "Spirit in the Sky".

His original compositions for the Indo/World fusion soundtrack of the award-winning cinema film, "Bhaji on the Beach", received critical acclaim, and began a new direction for Craig (1993) to use his Indian music knowledge in mainstream media projects. In 1995, Craig was Indian music consultant and sitar performer on the music soundtrack for the Warner Bros film, "A Little Princess". Musical sound design and keyboards for the James Bond film, "Golden Eye", plus keyboard sounds and musical textures for BAFTA award winning film, "Hear My Song", and 1995 film "Funny Bones". His sounds and textures have been heard on TV programmes as diverse as Bergerac, Nature Watch to Berkeley Square and The Lost Empire (NBC nationwide in the USA, Feb 2001) with many composing credits for BBC-Television, ITV, and Channel Four Television. He contributed music to the CD-ROM of "Sophie's World" which earned the 1997 British Interactive Media Association award for best music on a CD-ROM. May 1998, Craig created all the pounding African drums & ethnic music for composer John Altman, for the Hollywood film "Legionnaire", starring Claude Van Damme, set in Morocco, Africa. In 2005, Craig has played sitar on the soundtrack for the films "Harry Potter - the Goblet of Fire", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and in 2003 on "The Next Best Thing" (starring Madonna and Rupert Everett), and "The Guru" (starring Heather Graham and Jimmi Mistry). Fusing African music with Native American Indian music, in 1999 Craig completed a new world music album for Aurora International Records, Taiwan, called "EARTH DANCER", a collaboration with UK singer/instrumentalist Dave Jackson.

Craig has recorded a unique Indo-Afro-Jazz fusion album with fellow composer John Altman called "TERRACOTTA", released in the USA and also by Times Music in India. His own label, Heaven on Earth Music, has signed in 1998 with this new and powerful emerging distributor in Asia, TIMES MUSIC, of The Times of India group, for India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Success and critical acclaim was received with the release of a long term project by Craig with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation called "SACRED CHANTS OF SHIVA". Sales have exceeded 3,000,000 in India and Nepal alone and critical acclaim has been outstanding at all levels of Indian society (and this album can be found in most Ashrams and temples around India). Craig's 1999 solo release, "SACRED CHANTS OF BUDDHA", has been equally well received throughout India and Nepal (1,000,000 sales in Nepal alone).

In October, 1998, Craig performed sitar, created orchestrations and arrangements of some of his own world music compositions for performances with the Saurang Orchestra, featuring members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a number of Indian classical musicians at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool. The line-up included sitar (Craig), sarangi, sarod, tabla, baroque cello, world percussion, guitar and orchestra - an unusual mix of Indian performers and Western musicians. Another successful concert took place in June, 1999 at the Philharmonic Hall. Two days later, Craig performed a scaled down version of one of these original works at Ronnie Scott's Club in soho, London, with an 18 piece orchestra for assembled members of the film/music community (including Kenneth Brannagh (actor), Ann Dudley, Stephen Warbeck (both Oscar winning composers), Patrick Doyle and John Altman - who played sax for Craig's piece).

In October, 1999, Craig completed the soundtrack for the "Kumbha Mela" film about the gathering of yogis and swamis in India in 1998 (Hardwar Kumbha Mela) (edited at the Danish Broadcasting Corp) directed by Geoffrey Cantor and broadcast now in over 33 countries, and Craig attended the 2001 Mahakumbha Mela in Prayag (Allahabad, Northern India, a gathering of 75 million people by the holy Ganges River) by kind invitation of the Australian film director and Craig assisted Geoff (to a small degree!) in the filming and inteviewing of senior spiritual leaders, swamis and sadhus.

Craig's CDs available to buy on line

In July, 2001, Craig finished a double album, the "SACRED CHANTS OF RAMA", released throughout India in October, 2001. November, 2002, saw the worldwide release of the "SACRED CHANTS OF DEVI" CD, a spacious and meditative recording of the "108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine". This album has featured in many workkshops of well-known human development advocates such as Anthony Robbins and Brandon Bays.

2008 saw the release of two exciting new albums from Heaven on Earth Music. First, At-Ma, Craig's new recording project with singer extra-ordinaire, Russell Stone, who had prevsiouly toured with Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Their debut album, "CITY IN THE SKY", is a recording tour de force, and combines many of their combined interests and skills. Second, is the spacious and ethereal "ANGEL OF THE EARTH" album, a collaboration with sound healer, musician and singer, Ilyana Vilensky (Preet Kaur). This album has already proven popular with those that love the Sacred Chants series of CDs.

In 2012, the long awaited album, "Sacred Chants of Shakti", was released world-wide (again through Times of India - Times Spiritual). This deeply meditative album features the divine voice of Anuradha Paudwal, one if India's most celebrated devotional singers, having won three consecutive FirlmFare Awards in her career (the Indian version of an Oscar). Planned for future release will come the releases of "SACRED CHANTS OF KRISHNA", a powerful collaboration with Craig and the late and great Acharya Meenakshi Devi, and the new "SACRED CHANTS OF THE SIKHS", a rich and deep project with wonderful singer and Sikh priest, Dya Singh.

Films from the last few years featuring Craig's keyboard playing include: "Hope Springs" (Heather Graham and Colin Firth, 2004); US cable film, "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Jones" (Helen Mirren, 2005) - music nominated for an EMMY Award; and the no. 3 US box office film from director Peter Chelsom, "Shall We Dance", starring Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Emma Thompson (2005).

Craig contributed to the controversial film, "Shoot on Sight," collaborating with long time colleague, composer John Altman. Directed by Jag Mundhra, it has parallels with the tragic Mendes shooting by the Metropolitan Police on the London Underground, but fictionalises the story into a tense thriller. Starring Greta Scacchi, Sadie Frost, Naseerudin Shah, Brian Cox, Gulshan Grover and Om Puri. Tracks were laid down at Craig's studio, with orchestra added in London's Air Edel's studio at the end of October, 2007.

At the end of 2001, two new tracks recorded and produced by Craig appeared on the successful SONY Chillout Classics 2 album, top-ten in the UK record charts. In Jan, 2002, Craig was commissioned by SONY to record new large orchestral arrangements of music from "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter" for the SONY compilation album of film themes, "ClassicScore", which entered the record charts at number 11 (April 4th, 2002). These large scale orchestral recordings are credited as "Craig Pruess and the Film Theme Orchestra".

Craig composed an extended original piece of music for a high profile museum installation, "Out of Blue", a short abstract film highlighting the moving story of the expulsion of Uganda Asians by Idi Amin in 1972. This film installation piece opened at the prestigious DOCUMENTA exhibition in Frankfurt in June 2002, and was resident for a month at the Tate Gallery, London during March and April 2003. The film's director is visual artist Zarina Bhimji, known for her multi-cultural visual installations around the world. In 2007, Zarina was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2007, the most prestigious art award in Britain (and also in Europe). Craig created the soundtrack for her film "Waiting" for the Turner Prize Exhibition opening which happened on October 18th, 2007 in Liverpool (Tate Gallery).

An important thread of Craig's work is his role as an Art of Living teacher. The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit educational service-based organisation, dedicated to improving life in society at all levels. It is the fastest growing NGO (non-governmental organisation) in the world, with its courses and workshops taught in over 148 coutries. Craig is one of the 18 active UK volunteer teachers involved in promoting these wonderful courses, which incorporate practical knowledge for leading a more stress-free life, including powerful and effective yogic breathing techniques. Craig's volunteer activities in teaching these courses have included holding courses in high security prisons and rehabilitation centres, where Craig regularly gives meditative sitar and chanting concerts and leads many guided meditations for the inmates. It's amazing how the prisoners love deep and settled music! They close their eyes and have often their first experience of deep meditation! The Art of Living

Craig's other interests include: photography, computer art and graphic design, painting, photography, athletics, modern art, yoga/meditation, history and philosophy, alternative political science, Vedic knowledge, travel, ancient (alternative) histories of civilisation, developments and concepts for future alternative energy sources, sustainable living concepts, organic gardening...... and poetry. Craig's poetry has been published in a number of UK national anthologies, and also features in his Triloka album, "LANGUAGE OF LOVE".

Craig has been blessed with two very talented grown-up sons, Ben, 28, and Daryl, 26, both fine musicians and creative artists, born and raised in the UK in an environment of music and art. Ben Pruess is webmaster on this HOEM site, (thanks, Ben!). Check out his artwork, too - it's cosmic. Ben's artwork. Ben's received his masters degree in physics (with astrophysics) from University of Sussex in July 2007, and now works at a cutting edge neuroscience company in California, pioneering the application of bio-resonance technology to aleviate mental disorders such as autism. Ben plays drums with LA group Shiba Sings, and also composes music on piano, and he has performed drum session services for many of Craig's soundtrack projects, including "Bride & Prejudice", "What's Cooking?", "Peak Practice" TV series and the albums, "She Do That" (Alycia Lang), "Temple of Spice" (Craig) and "Into the Light" (Deepa Nair).

Daryl Pruess plays guitar and tours with some of the UK's up and coming signed artists, such as Findlay. Besides being a gifted composer, Daryl has also has performed guitar session services for many soundtrack projects for Craig, including "Bend It Like Beckham", "Bride & Prejudice", "What's Cooking?", the "Peak Practice" TV series and the albums, "Temple of Spice" (Craig), "She Do That" (Alycia Lang).

On a personal note, there have been some lively and lovely new arrivals in the Pruess household: dude Lukas, born on June 25th, 2005, in Devizes, Wiltshire, and his gorgeous younger sister, Eleena, born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, on March 9th, 2008. Gorgeous mum, wife and artist, Asta Pruess, has been seen creating very arresting and creative mosaic designs since 2005, and now has seen her canvasses and fine art prints exhibited or sold in the USA, UK and OMAN. (website coming soon)


Recent Recording Projects: –

"Yellow Patch" - art film soundtrack with Turner Prize nominated artist, Zarina Bhimji. Atmospheric surround sound mix of textures, images and moods from Gujurat, India, tracing the movements of the early Indian settlers of East Africa.

"Five Days II" - prime time BBC-TV 1 drama series with top-rated viewing figures for the UK. An enigmatic story of mystery and intrigue, with atmospheric sequences that gripped the UK public. (the successful successor series to "Five Days I" shown in 2007.

"Moses Jones" - 2009 BBC-TV prime time drama series. Lots of African music, and three one hour episodes make it like three mini feature films. Contemporary and experimental music score by Craig, featuring live African band set pieces arranged and scored by Craig in conjunction with Denis and Dan of the Ganda Boys. Director is Michael Offer, produced by Cameron Roach, who won the International EMMY Award in Nov 2008 for his of production of the successful TV series, "Life on Mars". THIS PROJECT WAS NOMINATED FOR A BRITISH ACADEMY AWARD for best original music score. Also, it started the Ganda Boys project.

"City in the Sky" - the new long-anticipated At-Ma CD, a co-artist project by Craig and singer extraodinaire, Russell Stone. Russell previously enjoyed a massive world-wide hit as a singer and songwriter ("We Do It" with R & J Stone), and has sung with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles (among others). Best described as a rich blend of world groove music, chants, evocative lyrics and amazing harmonies, coupled with Craig's world music wide screen production and arrangements. A fantastic and enjoyable collaboration of two seasoned musical personas. NOW FINISHED! (see Product Catalogue..)

"Angel of the Earth" - the Healing Sounds of the Celestial Monochord - extraordinary 56 stringed instrument with angelic chanting. CD project with sound healer, musician and singer, Ilyana Vilensky. Now finished! It's come out very very well. Very settling, very meditative! (see Product Catalogue....) NOW FINISHED! (see Product Catalogue..)

"Into the Light" - debut solo album by Deepa Nair, Indian singer extraordinaire - NOW FINISHED: see product catalogue!

"She Do That" - Alycia Lang album - a young singing sensation from USA- NOW FINISHED: see: www.myspace.com/alycialang

"Tribal Drums at Avebury" by Craig Pruess, Alex Miles, Simon McCarty, Geoff Miles and the Kaya Drum Circle - live drum circle recordings at Avebury Ring (turn up the volume, blow the speakers! 50 drummers: NOW FINISHED: see product page soon.

"Guided Meditation - Special Place & Blissful Sleep" with Geoff Miles and Craig Pruess. Very relaxing: NOW FINISHED - see product page soon.

"Shamanic Journeys - Part 1 - Retrieving Your Power Animal" - Native drums, with guided shamanic journey (spoken) with hypnotic skin drum. Includes Native American flute journey, and space clearing drums. A Geoff Miles/Craig Pruess collaboration. Coming soon!

"Terracotta II" in development, featuring wonderful world fusion performances by international artists.

Past Concerts - some tasters from the schedule: -

October 26th, 27th, 28th, 2012, at the Kensington Olympia. Ganda Boys and At-Ma featured on the main stage.

Oct 12th, 2011, Houses of Parliament, London. Ganda Boys perform for CMEAC event in the present of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

July 2nd, 2011, Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany, 2:30pm. Ganda Boys perform their songs from the first and second album.

Nov 30th, 2010, Warsaw Philharmonic Hall, Poland, 7:30pm. Headlining concert by At-Ma, standing ovation

July 29th, 2009, at the Almeida Theatre, Islington, London, 7:30pm start. The Ganda Boys bring their powerful and energetic 14 pice live band to the stage!

October 25th, 2008, at the Kensington Olympia. At-Ma trio featured, Craig, Russell Stone and Tom Simenauer.

Sept 20th, 2008, at the Limelight Theatre, Queens Park Centre, Aylesbury, Bucks, 7:30pm start. At-Ma concert featuring singer extra-ordinaire, Russell Stone and Craig.

May 3rd, 2008, The Studio - arts centre in Petersfield, Hants - At-Ma concert featuring Russell Stone and Craig.

April 30th, 2008 The Matara Centre, Kingscote, near Tetbury, Glos - At-Ma concert featuring Russell Stone and Craig. Beautiful setting in a Buddhist centre.

April 9th, 2008 The London Road Healing Centre, Marlborough - Craig solo sitar recital for deep meditation.

March 1st, 2008, Ashford, Kent - satsang and public talk at the town hall, Ashford.


March 21, 2007, the Shekinashram, Glastonbury; special concert with Craig and Turiya - Giles Bryant, Ilyana Vilensky, Sven Krusel and friends. A long solo sitar introduction with guided meditation, followed by Turiya's devotional group chanting.

May 25th, 2007, The Studio - arts centre in Petersfield, Hants - At-Ma concert featuring Russell Stone, with Craig, and a rocking eight piece world music backing band! Thanks everyone - fantastic gig!

May 26th, 2007, the Mind Body Spirit Festival - main stage - At-Ma (Russell & Craig) with six piece backing band. Short but fun.

June 2nd, 2007, Reading, Coronation Hall, sitar recital and chanting satsang for the Art of Living Foundation.

December 23rd, 2005, Marlborough Health Centre, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

January 21st, 2006, Glastonbury Town Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. Sitar with Tabla Tom!

May 24th, 2006, London, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Royal Horticultural Halls, nr. Westminster (4:25pm main stage)

Concerts from the Archives: –

February 21st, 2004, Armthorpe Centre, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

March 9th, 2004, Her Majesty's Prison Lindholme, Doncaster, UK

March 9th, 2004, Loughborough, near Leicester, UK

March 20th, 2004, Earth Day, Mary ward Hall, Tavistock Square, London WC1

April 24th, 2004, Leicester

April 25th, 2004, Loughborough

April 30th, 2004, Liverpool

May 1st, 2004, Manchester

May 3rd, 2004, Indian High Commision, Birmingham

May 16th, 2004, Market Harborough, Leicester

May 27th, 2004, London, Mind Body Spirit Festival

May 28th, 2004, London, Westminster Halls, Dalai Lama Event

May 30th, 2004, London, Mind Body Spirit Festival

June 3rd, 2004, Zagreb, Croatia, national Art of Living Event with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

June 18th, 2004, High Grove (Royal private residence) for Prince Charles (private concert)

June 22nd, 2004 Leicester, Ram Gadya Hall, Art of Living with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

August 5th, 2004 Essex, Bullwood Hall Prison, Festival Day

September 18th, 2004 Namsaste Yoga Studios, Swindon, Wiltshire UK

November 5th, 2004 London, Well Being Show, Royal Horticultural Halls, Westminster, 4:30pm.

March 30th, 2005 Marlborough Health Centre, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

April 16th, 2005 Sunset Blvd Yoga Studios, Los Angeles, California, USA

May 27th, 2005 Mind Body Spirit Festival, London

(Break from concerts June to November 2005, due to parenting duties! xxxx)

(Another break early 2008 for Eleena's arrival and caring and cuddling! xxx)


---- Craig performing his original sitar, 18 piece orchestra and tabla piece, "Honeymoon Sky", with the London Session Orchestra (Kuljit Bhamra - tablas) at Ronnie Scott's Club, London, June 1999. The beginning was very slow (solo sitar intro), that's why the eyes are closed. Very meditative! When it got going and the orchestra (18 piece) kicked in, it was very joyful, and a very full sound. Actor Kenneth Branagh introduced the evening, which also featured music perfomances by two UK Oscar winning composers: Anne Dudley and Stephen Warbeck. A sitar raga (with orchestra) was an unexpected highlight of the evening!


Film composer credits: –

"Yellow Patch" - Zarina Bhimji (Turner Prize nominee) - November 2011

"It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - Gurinder Chadha - March 2009

"Waiting" - Zarina Bhimji (Turner Prize nominee) - October 2007

"The Mistress of Spices" - Paul Berges - April 06

"Bride and Prejudice" - Gurinder Chadha - October 04

"The Calligrapher"- Jess Brownrigg - March 04

"Bend It Like Beckham" - Gurinder Chadha - Apr 02

"Out of Blue"- Zarina Bhimji - March 02

"What's Cooking?"- Gurinder Chadha - Sept 00

"Blue Funnel" - Paul Berges - Aug 97

"Rich Deceiver"- Gurinder Chadha - March 95

"Boiling Point" - Jason Lehel - June 94

"Bhaji on the Beach" - Gurinder Chadha - Mar 94

Craig is represented by Olav and Carolynne Wyper at SMA Talent http://www.smatalent.com

Indian music consultant, featured performer: –

"Shoot on Sight" (John Altman) 2008

"Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" (Danny Elfman) 2005

"Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire" (Patrick Doyle) 2005

"A Little Princess" (Patrick Doyle) 1995

"The Guru" (David Carbonera) 2001

Television composer credits: –

"Five Days" - BBC-TV drama series

Moses Jones - BBC-TV drama series, 2009

Gold Diggers - The Biggest Bank Robbery in History Discover Channel docu-drama

Jane Hall six part series ITV

Peak Practice Series 9 to 12 ITV

Cave Girl (recurring "Love Song" theme) Series 1 BBC-TV

Bombay Brownwash TV documentary about cricket BBC-TV

ZigZag Kenya BBC Educational TV BBC-TV

Texts in Time BBC Educational TV BBC-TV

English Time BBC Educational TV BBC-TV

Sue Lawley Show Granada TV talk show theme ITV

Women Talking Central TV talk show theme ITV

Asian Women's Humour Channel 4 documentary CH 4

Rich Deceiver BBC1-TV two part film BBC-TV

Hit the Town Quiz Show theme ITV

Samson Superslug Teenage fantasy series ITV

Ice Cube International children's series BBC-Worldwide

Christmas Message Stephen Laurence tribute (X-mas day) ITV

Kumbha Mela international TV documentary TV (intern'l) DK, and 32 other countries

Gymnasieskolen 2000 Danish educational TV DK-1

First Signs of Madness Parts 1 to 4 (2001) ITV

Indian Journeys William Dalrymple travelogue BBC-TV

Star Gold Channel (India) Theme for film trailers Star Gold

Blue Funnel Short TV film about Liverpool Irish TV

Love Moves the World Art of Living Foundation doc India TV

Craig's concert in Kosovo, for UN soldiers, May 2003

Craig also played at the TV station in Presthina (capital of Kosovo), and in Belgrade, Serbia, on the same trip.