Heaven on Earth Music Limited was originally founded in 1977 by composer/musician CRAIG PRUESS as an outlet for his own special style of attunement music - music to integrate the whole human nervous system, to harmonise our emotions and to uplift our consciousness. Through Craig's own study and research into the subtle effects of sound and vibration on ourselves and the environment, the resolve was undertaken to generate CD's and tapes that would represent the vanguard of 21st century spiritual music: beautiful, spacious, clear, integrating, melodious, relaxing and healing. Combine this with a high level of musical professionalism and sonic excellence, and this creates the sound of Heaven on Earth Music.

Concurrently, Craig has enjoyed over 30 years of international success as a mainstream film and TV soundtrack composer, arranger, chart record producer, sound designer, session musician, song writer and concert performer. For professional credits, see his: CRAIG PRUESS, PROFESSIONAL CV.



Music has the power to uplift, inspire and heal/nurture the body and emotions. It is considered one of the supreme arts for this reason. From that consciousness of the musician, there radiates that powerful influence of the music to all. When a musician's inner experience and cultured nervous system is based on silence and bliss, then it is very natural that this influence is shared through the music. As resonance between nervous systems, profound experiences can be transmitted, and the silence, expansion, longing, celebration and bliss can all bring about a deeply integrating and harmonious effect on the listener - bringing the influence of peace and goodwill towards others, plus a genearl influence of more tranquillity and contentment in these times of change, stress, uncertainty and the fast pace of modern living.

Heaven on Earth Music recordings seek to fulfil as many aspects of the future of integrating music for mankind. Through dedicated practice of meditation, breathing, and yoga practices, the musician/composer/singer becomes "tuned up", and therefore the quality and the intention of the music is geared to a very high level of excellence and sattva (purity). Programmes for self-development for interested musicians or listeners: Training for a New Musicianship, and THE ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION.


Heaven on Earth Music recordings combine and integrate in a very pleasing manner different musical traditions of the world including: Western classical and folk music, Indian classical and devotional music, and African, Polynesian and Native American rhythms and melodies. The result is high quality use of beautiful acoustic instruments such as sitar, bansuri (bamboo flute), Native American Indian flute, swaramandala (Indian zither), tambura (four-stringed drone instrument), trumpet, sax, guitar, sarangi (an Indian bowed instrument with a hauntingly beautiful sound, the size of a viola), tabla, powerful African drums and all manner of percussion, plus the supreme instrument of the human voice (featured in many roles: chanting, sustaining, singing words or nonverbal improvisation), skillfully combined with artfully spacious keyboards and Craig's intricate use of digitally controlled sounds from his own unique library of sonic colours.

The influence of Indian music is one path to ecstatic beauty and depth throughout many Heaven on Earth Music recordings. The source of the tradition of ancient Indian classical music (Gandharva-Ved) can be traced back to the origins of the profound yoga traditions of the world. The ancient seers (rishis) were so tuned into the subtle sounds of nature (enlightened hearing) that the melodies (ragas) were all aligned to specific times of the day. Just as the birds sing a slightly different melody after dawn than before dawn, the frequencies used in the melodies are very highly attuned to create a positive effect on the environment, on the human system. Just performing or listening to Gandharva Ved music can harmonise all the cells in the body. The intention behind the performance of the ragas in ancient times was to integrate and harmonise all the influences in society and the natural environment.

The "SACRED CHANTS OF SHIVA" features the primordial power of Sanskrit vocal chants to create a very deep and settling effect on the human nervous system. This music naturally brings the listener to an effortless state of meditation and rest. Used with eyes closed, it transports one to a place of expansion and bliss. All Sacred Chants albums can be found all throughout India. - 69 minutes

The "SACRED CHANTS OF BUDDHA" continues the approach to bliss through listening by creating a hauntingly beautiful and spacious landscape for male chanting of Buddhist chants. The cinematic approach to the sound and arrangements creates an original and unique work of substantial power and inspiration. - 63 minutes

The "SACRED CHANTS OF DEVI" again features the primordial power of Sanskrit vocal chants with an ethereal backing. The 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine give a soothing and heartfelt serenity, perfect for meditation or yoga practise. There is a very penetrating effect with this CD that creates stillness and a vast space of beauty, light, nurturing and love. - 67 minutes

The "SACRED CHANTS OF RAMA" is structured around the epic story of the Ramayana. It is in double CD form, and contains some more traditional Indian musical forms: chopai and chaand (solo vocal chanting from the text of the Ramayana), and kirtans and bhajans (group singing, with solo voice call and response to the group). Ragas are used to portray the mood of each of the sections of the story, with some big instrumental and vocal production sections.

"INTO THE LIGHT" is the debut solo album of Indian singer extraordinaire, Deepa Nair. Nine pieces take a new east/west fusion angle in that the melodies are based on beautiful Indian ragas, yet the instrumentation and arrangements combine piano, guitar, violin, flute, cello, sarangi, keyboards, tablas, drums and percussion to create a tapestry of sound. - 54 minutes

"WELCOME HOME" uses the sitar to bring the intricate and soothing colours of raga based devotional melodies to the listener's heart. Bansuri (bamboo flute) and trumpet also are used for the attractive tapestry of sound for relaxation and joy. - 72 minutes

"THROUGH THE AGES" takes a more traditional European approach yet imparts the mystery and majesty of ancient cultures. Half of the selections are instrumental, and half are vocal with a timeless quality to the pieces which is very settling and visual. - 53 minutes

"SRI ATMA GITA" is a long epic poem, sung in English, of the words from an ancient text recording the last words of Krishna to his beloved disciple, Uddhava. Using tabla, 12-string guitar, tambura, bells and keyboards, the words inspiring the knowledge of dispassion, devotion and service all ring true to every spiritual aspirant, whatever spiritual path. - 50 minutes

"THE HEALING PIANO" From the Heart is the first Heaven on Earth Music release by pianist/composer Jennifer Lawrence. Beautiful but simple lilting melodies shine with a heart of gold; a feminine touch on a clear, spacious grand piano. Very relaxing and nurturing. - 53 minutes

"TERRACOTTA" is an imaginative and colourful and varied World Music CD creation by Craig Pruess and John Altman, veterans of the UK music industry, with many impressive credits to their respective names. This CD combines the driving rhythms of African and Indian music with the sublime intricacies of jazz and Western classical melodies, with the exotic textures and instrumental colours of Indian instruments and melodies. Expansive and evocative, it creates a musical journey for the listener. - 62 minutes.

"TEMPLE OF SPICE", is the first co-production between Heaven on Earth Music and Times Music (Times of India), recorded, composed and produced by Craig Pruess. Recorded in 2002, it features many fine musicians, both Indian and western. It contains moments of true passion, but also of sublime spaciousness. An exploration into the possibilities of Indo-fusion music. - 57 minutes

"LANGUAGE OF LOVE", MUSIC FOR THE KAMA SUTRA, was commissioned by Triloka Records in the USA. By design, it uses Indian ragas, recorded in contemporary Western chillout style, which are perfect for an hour of love-making. Many people also use it for yoga practice and meditation. Contains a beautiful booklet with original poems. Craig weaves an exotic sonic web of beauty, devotion, meditation and sublime seduction. - 55 minutes

"EARTH DANCER", "LIFE ON EARTH". Released in April, 1999, in Taiwan by Aurora International Corporation, and October, 2000 by Times Music, India. This beautiful album, half instrumental, also features four mainstream vocal songs with a heartfelt soul flavour, while still anchored in the power and majesty of World Music. Shades of Enigma, but with a powerful and attractive voice in Dave Jackson, UK singer extraordinaire. A 35 year partnership between Craig and Dave began in Kenya, East Africa, and makes this a very special CD. Produced and arranged by Craig Pruess. - 52 minutes

"EYE OF JUPITER" by Craig Pruess. Mindscape music for exploring the outer solar system and beyond. Multi-coloured sonic landscapes, beautiful and epic melodies, triumphant positivity and expansion, described by Findhorn Magazine as "the best of the New Earth music coming out these days...." - 59 minutes

"CITY IN THE SKY" by At-Ma, Craig's new band with singer extraordinaire, Russell Stone. This big production World Music CD (2008) is an epic journey into various music cultures. Russell has had an international career, singing with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett, and has trained many years as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, pioneering group "sounding" as potent in its therapeutic value. He explores new angles in the role of "soul singing" in different ancient musical cultures. A reunion after 27 years, both Craig and Russell are veterans of the UK music industry and totally at home in the recording studio. Craig's cinematic production and arrangements propels this album to a unique level. Rich layered vocal harmonies, unique orchestral and percussive journeys and even some beautifully and hauntingly accessible songs, all together give this album a special heartfelt quality. - 63 minutes

"ANGEL OF THE EARTH" by Craig and Ilyana Vilensky. Ilyana is a sound healer, yoga teacher and Reiki master from Glastonbury, Somerset, and has teamed up with Craig to create a truly expansive and mesmerising musical journey. Featuring the amazing 56 string monochord instrument, a healing table that you lie on top of, Ilyana's other worldly vocals intertwine with Craig's ethereal sonice textures, sitar, Native American Indian flute and tambura. A complete sonic bath - perfect for birthing, therapy sessions, yoga, meditation and wonderful sleep! For all those that love "108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine", this is the CD for continuing the journey. - 62 minutes

"TRIBAL DRUMS OF AVEBURY" by Craig Pruess and the Kaya Drum Circle. This is mass drumming at its most powerful. 50 drummers gathered at the sacred stone circle at Avebury Henge, the biggest stone circle in the world, and celebrated the Spring Equinox and the Winter Solstice in two separate and amazing sessions of joy and ecstasy. With expert guidance by drum facilitators, Alex Miles, Simon McCarty and Geoff Miles, the energy went through the roof, but luckily was captured in full digital glory by Craig's remote recording equipment. (whew!) Energetic, ecstatic and powerful! - 68 minutes

"GUIDED MEDITATION" by Craig Pruess and Geoff Miles. A spoken meditation (15 minutes) followed by an incredibly relaxing music track (flute, zither and bells), this is designed to create silence in the mind and effortless meditation. - 29 minutes

"SHAMANIC JOURNEYS 1 - RETRIEVING YOUR POWER ANIMAL" by Geoff Miles and Craig Pruess. Geoff and Craig team up again to create a complete and focussed Shamanic journey. For clearing past obstructive patterns and gaining insight into our true and deepest potential. Features the Native American Indian drum very effectively as part of the guided spoken journey and features some beautifully constructed musical interludes from Craig for a complete experience. - 51 minutes


1) "SACRED CHANTS OF KRISHNA". This album continues in the tradition of "Sacred Chants of Shiva" with very settling, meditative chants. Features exquisite bansuri (bamboo flute) playing by Indian virtuoso, Pandit Ronu Majumdar. Vocals by Acharya Meenakshi Devi and Craig Pruess with ethereal and powerful arrangements, production and instruments from the Heaven on Earth Music recording studios. Sacred and ancient verses give this album a wonderful depth and devotion. (note: release delayed due to the unexpected Earthly departure of beloved Acharya Meenakshi Devi).

2) "SACRED CHANTS OF THE SIKHS" which will include some of the most loved verses of the Guru Nanak tradition, but recorded in the trademark style of Heaven on Earth Music recordings, which will be for devotion and deep meditation. An exciting collaboration with singer extraordinaire and Sikh priest, Dya Singh.

3) "MONUMENTAL" by Mohini Chatlani and the Craig Pruess Orchestra. Fasten your seat belts - this goes right off the Reichter Scale. Classical themes like you've never heard them before, with an electric voice of Mohini Chatlani and world rhythms and colours from the Craig Pruess Orchetra. A tantalising glimpse into a whole new emerging genre of music - World Fusion Opera.

4) "SACRED PRAYERS" by Craig Pruess and Mohini Chatlani. Inspired by their creation of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic for the Monumenatl album, Mohini and Craig are here creating the transcendental soundtrack to some of the ancient prayers of our universal world culture.

5) "LOVE IS FOR GIVING" by Craig Pruess. Acoustic songs, from the heart, pure and simple. Visit the emotional life and truths of a bard and songwriter. Songs from the "secret drawer" of a busy musician, and intimate postcards to loved ones - all finally to be shared.